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Olive Tree Balm

The all-natural balm helps cool and soothe sore muscles and achy joints. This remarkable product is specially formulated to provide instant relief to sore and tired muscles, so you can get back to doing what you love pain-free.

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Natural Ingredients

Our balm and Liniment are made of natural ingredients which designed to penetrate deeply into your skin, muscles, and tendons to:

  • Soothe muscle aches and pains
  • Stimulate blood flow and increases circulation
  • Reduce inflammation
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Introducing Our

Dragon Water

Dragon Water is a chinese herbal liniment Helps to provide external cooling pain relief with active ingredients camphor and menthol, Daragon Water may be used for the temporary relief of aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with backache, lumbago, strains, bruises, sprains, and arthritic or rheumatic pain, pain of tendons and ligaments. May be used 3 to 4 times daily but should not be used on irritated or damaged skin.

*For external use only.

*Available in a spray 3.5 oz.

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